Portraits, Becky’s Granny

On Mother’s Day, not only was it Chelsey and Jackson Barnard’s wedding, but I got to meet my good friend Becky Berry’s Granny!  Vernice was at the wedding because she was Jackson’s babysitter when he was a little baby, and she watched him for years.  Not only that, but Jackson and Chelsey just bought a house, and their land touches a corner of Becky’s parents land.  The  best part of all was that I needed to get some cowboy boots to wear for the wedding, (the entire wedding party had cowboy boots on), and Becky loaned me her boots for the day.

I had told Mrs. Ottinger that I wanted to meet Vernice, and since she was supposed to be in at least one picture with Jackson, Mary later introduced me to Becky’s sweet granny!  What a sweet lady she was.  Hugged me and held my arm while she talked to me, standing tall and proud.  She told me all about her sweet granddaughter and how she had told her to go ahead and have babies while they were still young.  (For those of you that don’t know my friend, she is pregnant)  I forgot to ask Becky how old she was, but I got a great couple of pictures of her both with Jackson.  I made a point to get some of Vernice by herself so that I could have a print made for Becky.  Vernice had such a beautiful smile and I could certainly see so much of Becky’s sweet nature coming from her.

So Becky this one is for you and your sweet Granny!  I’ll have a print made for you of this!!  Let me know if your mom or sister would like one too.

Beautiful!!  It was so nice meeting you Vernice, you will have a beautiful little granddaughter to hold soon!

Until next time…



One thought on “Portraits, Becky’s Granny

  1. Your’e making me cry. Oh she is so beautiful and sweet. I would love to drive up and see her right now. Thanks Noelle.

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