Boutique Photographer, Satisfied or Overwhelmingly Satisfied

Today I received a bag at work from a vendor and in it was a bunch of little chocolate goodies!  Okay so you would think that’s really cool, and at first I did.  But when opened the bag, it was items found on quick stop to the grocery store.  My thoughts began turning to the chocolate that we had talked about on the phone, and I realized that my communication was clearly for some beautiful little truffles, even if it was only 2, and his communication was altogether different from mine. 

Keep in mind here that I do not want to discount the fact that he took time out to put this together and drop off when he had to run by our office, but it began a thought process of how am I treating my customers?  Do they experience the WOW factor after a session or do they get the little though effort. 

So along these lines I have begun to think of ways to allow my customers to not only have a good experience at Noelle Bell Photography, but how can I give them that boutique experience that will make them want to come back again and again not only for the art but for the experience that they feel welcomed and special and beautiful and appreciated!  I believe that every client should not only love the way they are treated, but be treated in a way that makes them feel as special as they really are! 

So here is a list of things, that I have begun working on, and some that are in process, it just takes time and money to get these things done.  (I’m a Dave Ramsey girl, do it when I have the cash for it.)

1)  Deliver the clients products in beautiful boxes with my logo imprinted upon them.

2) Offer a referral program to clients for bringing new clients into the studio.

3) Track not just the clients information, but their birthday and anniversary’s and celebrate those times with the client or send them a special something!

4) Write thank you notes sooner than I am.  (I used to be amazing at these and I have slipped in the last 10 years – my mom can vouch for that)

5) Host special events for top clients.

Those are the top 5 that I am currently working on.  There is so much that I would love to do, but since the business is only part-time, I can dedicate only so much time to it.   I value my personal time as there are many other things that my husband and I are involved in and we still need time for each other. 

I would love to hear your thoughts, and especially if you have experienced my services, please comment and let me know how I’m doing! 

Until next time…



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