Mother and Child, Knoxville, TN

My dear friend Becky Berry had a little baby girl just a few weeks ago, although it’s hard to believe that she is almost two months old!  My how time flies.  We had a chance to see her a few days after she came home and so we stopped by for a short visit and what a precious little baby girl they have!  A full head of hair, beautiful eyes…when she wasn’t sleeping, and when I got to hold her she slept in my arms for quite awhile!  Oh, she smelled sweet and that full head of hair…wow!  (I didn’t have that much hair until I was about 2!)  We had a nice visit with them and of course I had my camera, so I captured just a few pictures of her.  This one of mom and daughter was my absolute favorite!!

I am looking forward to my next visit with them and seeing just how much she has grown!

Until next time…


3 thoughts on “Mother and Child, Knoxville, TN

  1. Oh wow Noelle how pretty. Your making me cry again. I am beginning to realize that is a goal of a photographer. I need to book a session with you. Looks like maybe 3 months since I guess I missed newborn time.

  2. Oh girl, I’m so happy to capture the memories for you. Thank you for letting us come and share time with you so early on, she is beautiful!! I promise I’m not trying to make you cry, but you and that precious little one are so precious. Just let me know when you want to set up your session!

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