And They Lived Happily Ever After…Part II

Stacie and Andy’s wedding was beautiful, lovely, amazing and lined with some wonderful humorous moments!  Here are two of those funny moments from my perspective, and trust me it was hard to hold the camera steady.

The first moment came when Stacie was inside with the girls, writing her letter to Andy and relaxing.  Meanwhile, we were outside the church capturing images of Andy and his groomsmen.  We had captured most of them when Andy requested we recreate a photo that had taken place at many of the weddings he had been in with some of his groomsmen.  You know, the one where all the groomsmen are holding the groom parallel to the ground.  He wanted to have the same image here at his wedding.  Here are some of the “attempts” at “CATCHING” that image….enjoy!

I promise, they never dropped him!

The second favorite story was in the limo on the way to the reception.  Andy and Stacie had asked me to ride with them in the limo to capture some of those moments of that trip.  So on the the way to the reception, there was laughter, but mostly joy and happiness between Stacie and Andy and an incredible sense of relief.  The wedding was over and they were finally man and wife!  The nerves were gone and left was incredible happiness!  So after some beautiful quiet moments to themselves….

they talked about the wedding and some of the moments they remembered.  Then as we pulled through downtown Knoxville, Andy rolled down his window and started waving to people and then he began yelling out the window that he just got married!!  These pictures tell the story….but much laughter was to be had as they pulled into the Marriott for the reception.

So that’s all for me today….if you have some funny memories to share, please do so in the comments below, as I’m sure Stacie and Andy would love to hear it from your perspective!!

Happy Anniversary Stacie and Andy!  May your next year be even more wonderful.

Until next time…


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