These past few weeks have been really hard for me. I started off a few weeks ago gearing up for a bridal show and slipped and fell off the side of a truck while tying down the sofa we were taking. So after a few hours we made a visit to the ER and found I had a slight fracture. For someone who has never been on crutches before, except to mess around, let me tell you it has been challenging. I was very glad I had been going to the gym and my arm muscles were in decent shape, because now they are solid!! BONUS!

Well mom came in to town last weekend and helped out which was so wonderful and we accomplished so much! The kitchen is cleaner than ever before and i have a lot of things that are very organized now. We even went though the pantry and were able to take three bags of food to the food bank, as my husband and I have changed our eating habits.

Today marks 2 weeks since the accident and next Thursday I go for a second X-ray and chat with the doctor about the progress. I am thankful for the clients that allowed me to reschedule their sessions, luckily I only had a few, and Thursday will be good as I can’t wait to find out how it’s doing and if all my resting it and elevating it at night has helped to heal it. But I’m not getting any younger, so whatever they tell me to do to let it heal I will. I’m just bummed I can’t get out and play with my new lens. I’m not quite the picture of balance these days. 🙂

I have many Posts to come, so stay tuned…this couch stuff is for the birds.


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