Best thank you note ever!

A few weeks ago I received the most amazing thank you note and letter of recommendation from Stacie Johnson. It was coming up on the anniversary of their wedding and I was planning for not only a bridal show but also an update to my website and she was one of the people I had asked for their a recommendation that I could use on my website.

What I didn’t expect was to get a letter that brought tears to my eyes.

“When we chose Noelle to capture our wedding day, we had no idea that we would begin with a talented photographer and end with a friend. From the beginning she took the time to not only learn what shots we wanted for the big day, but she also learned about us personally. We wanted to see the emotion and relationships come through in our photos and she worked tirelessly to capture the feel and depth of this season of our lives.

We began with a wonderfully fun day for our engagement pictures. She came prepared to tailor make our shots, highlighting those special little moments that remind us of all that we share in our marriage. We love to dance and read together and Noelle found unique ways to use these things to capture our image and our heart.

Our wedding day itself could not have been more perfect. Noelle showed professionalism, integrity and amazing skill in reproducing the day on film. Our photos actually looked like they came from a magazine, but still retained the personal touch of the warmth of family and friends. We could not love our prints, canvas, and album any more! Her work is just amazing!

More than anything, we have so appreciated how excited she has been for us. Her generosity and warmth were a great relief to what otherwise could have been an overwhelming time in our lives. You can’t go wrong with her on your wedding and her work for years to come.”

~Stacie Johnson

Thank you so much To you both, your wedding experience was such a pleasure to cover, and your friendship is a treasured and unexpected blessing. May God richly bless you both in your marriage and I hope that reading the letters you wrote to each other was a sweet memory of the day you became man and wife just one year ago.


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