Photo safari with Lindsay

Sunday I was about to go stir crazy. It had been over two weeks that I had been laid up with this small fracture in my foot and let me tell you it is no fun. Such a small hairline fracture makes so many things difficult, however….I have developed some serious rock hard arm muscles. I think I might be able to bench press a good amount right now. 🙂

My friend Lindsay was coming over to get some of my newborn props that I was selling, and she was happy to take me out for an hour and let me take some pictures with my new Macro lens that I gotten right before the accident and not been able to really use outside.

Well if anyone could have been there to watch I’m sure you would have gotten an interesting view and quite a good laugh. I may have great arm muscles, but balance is one thing I don’t have and especially when there was a camera and a heavy lens around my neck. Occasionally the crutches were used as a tripod, sometimes i was trying to get up from lying on the ground, while only having one leg to do so with, and I think I almost knocked myself over more than once. But just so you know it was worth it!!! Here are some of the pictures to prove it.

So thanks again Lindsay!!! The gift of your time and help was so very appreciated!!

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “Photo safari with Lindsay

  1. Noelle, I had a fantastic time and would do it all over again in a heartbeat! Thank you for your fabulous input on my work and I am so thankful for a friend like you! 🙂

  2. I had a blast too. Yes, let’s do it again. Maybe next time we can bring someone with us and I will NOT have crutches! 🙂

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