Yesterday was the day, and here Is my report from then.

Here i am sitting in the doctors office waiting for the doctor to come in and show me my X-rays and take a look at my foot. I’m anxious to be off the crutches, but I’m also very acutely aware that I want to have two good feet that are healed, so if I must wait longer to get off of them, than I will. I do believe that I have done all that I can to properly rest and heal…..now to see what the good doctor says.

Okay, So the wait was short, and the news is good. The swelling has gone down considerably, and the foot is healing nicely. I will still need to be on the crutches and in the boot for another 4 weeks, but I can now put 25% of my weight on the injured left foot, so good news for the weekend! Also, I can stand on it and take pictures, so in a week I’ll be back to my old tricks and I ca harold my scheduled studio shoots!

They even looked at the big knot looking things on the bottom of my feet and determined that was Plantar fibroma – they will do PT for 6 weeks 2 times a week to try to bring that down in size when I get out of the boot. It will be painful, but surgery is the last thing they really don’t ever want to do.

So thats the diagnosis….Bring on the weekend in Pigeon Forge!


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