Today is the day, I’m heading up to Pigeon Forge to later today meet up with a lot of colleagues in my photography group, as well as I will also be spending time this weekend getting to know many of colleagues and new friends from across this great state of TN.

Sunday evening I’m really looking forward to seeing Blair Phillips again, too. I say again because last year I went to his workshop at his studio in NC, and he does some amazing stuff.

So it’s time to pack up the gear, get the notebook and all electronic devises charged and head on up. Because if I’m going to Pigeon Forge, I’m going to have to have at least an hour for the outlets…..Ann Taylor to be more specific.

So in honor of the reunion of so many friends, I thought I would post an images of another past gathering of some of these friends where we all participated in a photo shoot. Here is one of the images I captured that I love.

I hope you all have a great weekend and I look forward to posting hopefully a few more images this weekend.



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