Beautiful Surprise, Knoxville Photographer

Came home from Charlotte, NC from a photography workshop, of which I will blog about quite a bit in the coming weeks, and I opened the curtains to look out the back window and this is what I discovered. My beautiful asiatic lilies from last year have come back in bloom. They also have a lot more blooms than they did last year when I bought them, so next year I may even divide them and fill many more pots with them. They add so much color to my back porch here in Knoxville, and I love to sit outside in the early mornings and enjoy the view.

I will have to get out my camera and take some beautiful close up photos of them later, but for now they are something beautiful to look at and enjoy. Does anyone know when you divide up lilies? I need to search the web for how and when you do that.


Have a beautiful day everyone, it’s a beautiful day here in Knoxville, TN. I’m off to work on some senior photos!

Until next time…


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