Pursuing the Dream, Knoxville Photographer

Do you know what it’s like to stand on the edge of a decision, wanting to push ahead and yet afraid to leave the security of what you know.  Well, I’ve been there for some time, calculating the risk, working hard to get to the dream, but unsure of what direction and when was the right timing to take the leap. 

Well, the time has come!  In just a few months I will be leaving my full-time job here at Scripps Networks, and will be taking the business of Noelle Bell Photography full-time.  I have loved every minute of building the business as a hobby and then a part-time business, but now after 3 years Knoxville, TN will be home to my senior portrait photography business.  I will also be concentrating my photography on weddings and themed childrens shoots. 

For all of you who have supported my Knoxville photography business and have been my loyal clients, I am looking forward to seeing more of you and I want to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for your support as I have grown.  I look forward to serving you in the future, and with every day starting in August, new efforts will be going into the business and I will have many more times available to serve you and the community.

This transition will also allow for me to enter more into the ministry of working with the high school youth in a way that I have always dreamed of doing.  I graduated from Liberty in 1993 with a degree in Youth Ministries but never felt the call or leading to work as a staff member in a church with the youth, maybe somewhat our of fear and somewhat out of insecurity, but over time God has shown me that I have a role to play.  The role has been many things, including greeting the kids, small group leader and many various other roles, so I am praying for God to show me how and where he wants me to be used as the kids that I have worked with for 8 years, now begin their freshman year in high school. 

I plan on attending games to watch my kids in their sporting events around Knoxville, yes Michaela that means you and soccer especially (since that’s dear to my heart as my father was a soccer coach for 20 years, and your parents yell at the games as much as I do!), track meets, swimming, and taking the kids to movies and COFFEE, yes, you are now old enough that I will buy you coffee, well maybe not just yet for you Carson. 😉  I’m excited to see how the Lord will use me and what this new phase of life in ministry will bring about. 

One other thing that I’m thrilled about is getting back to working with Habitat for Humanity here in Knoxville, TN.  It has been some time, and with two full-time jobs it has been off my radar, but never far from my heart.  I hated that the injury to my foot prevented me from working this semester with them, as it was the first semester in a few years I had not had night classes and homework, but new hours in just a few months and an almost healed foot will hopefully allow me to get back to being involved in the ministry of Habitat for Humanity and all of the dear friends that I have met through there. 

So, that’s the big news!  Thank you to so many of you who prayed for me in this decision, and have walked the road with me anxious to see what the Lord was to do.  He has opened the door, and I am walking through it with confidence (and occassionally a little trepidation) knowing that where He leads me I will follow.  For He will be with me.

A new beginning that is almost begun!!  🙂




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