Uprooting and Pruning, Two Keys to a Successful Garden, Part I

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to go through the middle of a crazy storm and not sure what is going on.  Things are always changing.  Sometimes it feels like you are in the middle of a hurricane and other times it feels like you are bent over in the storm and you are about to break in the wind.

When I think of the storms of this life, sometimes my mind turns to gardening, especially when a great example is right in front of me.  .  I really enjoy gardening.  I’ve seen the beautiful colors of flowers and trees that bloom in all 4 seasons to showcase the wonder and the beauty of their creator who made them and dreamed up all of their unique and interesting traits.  They are a testimony to how unique and beautiful that He has created us to be.

Saturday morning I was out on our back patio having my quiet time and spending some time in the word over coffee and the beautiful sunrise, when my eyes fell onto the garden that I had done nothing with all year so far, and that was very evident.  I had weeds, leftover plants struggling from last year to see if they could flourish this spring and even an walnut that had spouted a thin tree that was about 2 ft tall.  None of the beauty of a garden was there, just the ruins of what once had been a beautiful sanctuary.

So I put my Bible and my coffee down, and I began to pull the weeds from my potted garden.  As I began to pull the weeds, I noticed that some of them were quick and easy to pull out, where as others seemed to have a strength to their depth and they were not going to give up their ground very easily.  In fact two of them, plants from last year, I had to grab the ball of the root and actually pull each of the individual roots that grew from that big root ball one by one to eventually free it from the soil that it was beginning to choke out.

I began to see a pattern.  One that I often see while gardening, but this was a fresh reminder of how sometimes when we have patterns or habits that are unhealthy in our lives, it begins to choke out the good and healthy places in us.  Sometimes we don’t even know that they are in our lives or how well established their roots are, but as we open our eyes to see we begin to reflect not only on how stubborn, selfish and hard-headed creatures we are, but how we hold onto things that are so unhealthy for us.  I am so thankful that God has the patience to slowly pull these weeds from our lives.

However, once the weeds have been pulled and when we look back, we now have eyes to see that there is a beautiful mix of soil.  The soil itself wasn’t bad, but the root was choking all the health and nutrients from it.  So now what you have is soil that can be added to and worked with to make more beautiful things.

So are there hard places in your life, are there struggles?  Look around and consider, is there something in you, something in your life that needs to be dug up, uprooted and flung far down the hill to never take root again? The Lord loves us so much that He wants to get these things out of our lives, because He loves us so much!!  Enough that He choses to say that “They are choking the life out of you and I have something beautiful in you and I want to see it flourish and grow.  Come and see what beautiful things I can make with you!”

So these are my rambling thoughts from Saturday…I’ll continue with more tomorrow.

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