Uprooting and Pruning, Two Keys to a Successful Garden, Part II

Part II

So the end of my story from Saturday was that I had a bunch of empty pots completely de-weeded (if that’s a word), but that’s all they were?  Empty pots just sitting there all over my back patio.  So on Sunday afternoon I decided that I would fill those empty plants and I started on my afternoon adventure to find some.  The adventure began and I started where I had found myself last year at the Lowe’s garden center getting some plants when I discovered they had a 50% off section in the plant area.

 To tell you a little about myself, I have a bit of a green thumb.  I inherited some of that from my mom who has the greenest thumb I know.  People have even brought her their half dead plants and she brings them back to life!  I don’t think I have that much of a green thumb, but I do pretty well.  Anyway, back to Lowe’s.

The 50% off section is a section of plants that looked pretty sickly and needless to say Lowe’s wants them gone.  Some of them didn’t look all that bad this year, one looked downright dead, but I thought since I did it last year I can do it again!  So I proceeded to buy $35 worth of mostly dead plants.  I even got some cherry tomato plants that thanks to the helpful woman shopping in the same section and my mom, I think they might have a chance.  You see they looked great and they were full of green tomatoes.  However I learned that if I had planted them that way they most likely wouldn’t have had much of a chance, even though I only paid $1 for both tomato plants.  I had to come home and pluck every single green tomato off of the plant, and find even the little ones that were just starting and take them too.  You see the roots of the tomato plant needed to get established and all of the nutrients would have gone straight to the tomato’s if I had planted it as is.  Now the plant will be able to have established roots which will help the plant continue to produce more tomatoes.  So, I’m excited to see if  they grow

Plants are a lot like us sometimes.  Without nutrients, without love, without care, sunshine, or water, we will just wither away.  That goes for us mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually!  We are not called to a lot of things in this world that are present like abuse and neglect, we are called to love and  blossom and grow.

Even in the blooming and growing, there are necessary things that have to happen.  Things like pruning and stripping off of dead growth and weeding.  These things aren’t necessary painful to a plant,  but to us they can sometimes feel very painful and cause us to run from them.  However, the result of all the pruning and weeding is something so incredibly beautiful where we see how all of the pain was necessary to bring us to this place that is greater and better than we ever dreamed for ourselves.

I believe that flowers and the gardening process can teach us so much of our Heavenly Father and how much He loves us and cares for us.

This year I have 12 potted plants that will be coral, yellow, purple and pink and I was excited to see what they would look like in a few days.  I had spent time pruning and cutting back dead sections of the plants and cutting off most of any dead already bloomed sections.   Afterwards I had a row of beautiful green plants and some of them had a few buds on them.  Only a few plants did I buy new, two multi-colored Lantana plants and a six pack of Impatients in pink for the corner that gets no sun.  I took some before and after pictures so you can see the before planting picture,  and then the results after planting.

Before planting
Before Planting
After Planting
After Planting

Then Monday I got to take some after after pictures!!  We got a lot of rain that morning that was light and consistent for most of the morning and early afternoon and then sunshine was out by the time I got home.  So I came home to some beautiful plants, well nourished with lots of good nutrient in the plant food last night, and the even rain and sunshine from our Father that day!

After today’s rain, this was the one I thought was a goner!
After today’s rain, even the Dahlia is blooming!

So I hope and pray that you are open to what God can to do when you open yourself to Him who will prune to make YOU bloom!  You’re not alone, He’s working on me too!

Until next time…

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