Beautiful Wedding, Beautiful Bride, Kingsport Wedding Photographer

About a month ago, I had the opportunity to second shoot a wedding with Kadee Fillers of Kadees Approach Photography.  She was a joy to work with and the bride and the groom for the wedding were just as cute as can be!  It seems as if they had been cut out of a magazine they were such a beautiful couple.

Amber was a stunning bride and after meeting up with Kadee at the The Carnegie in Johnson City where Amber was getting ready with her bridesmaids, I went on to Allandale to photograph Aaron, the groom, with his groomsmen.  The suite at the Carnegie was beautiful and Amber was such a stunning bride, and very relaxed.  You could see in her face the anticipation of seeing her beloved and joining their lives as one!

Here are some images of Amber getting ready, she had such a great smile! 

And here are a few more from the getting ready and a few wedding details.  Note the cowboy boots, which were my favorite detail of the day!  I wished I had worn mine, but they just didn’t match my attire.   

I’ll have a few more images ready to showcase in just a few days that will include the guys and the rest of the wedding day.  It was hard to choose just a few images to post as Amber and Aaron looked great in every one, but I finally narrowed it down to my favorites! 

So tune in to Part II of this post on Thursday.

Until then….have a wonderful week and stay cool!



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