Christmas Ornaments make great Christmas presents, Knoxville Holiday Portrait Photographer

Holiday ornaments are a great present to give to family and friends this Christmas season.  Just the other day I received two of the sample ornaments that I will be including in my Christmas packages this year!  These are only two of the different sizes that will be offered!  These will make a great addition to any holiday gifts you want to give to your clients or just a nice family memory to add to the Christmas tree for this year and they are at a very affordable price of $30.

Here is one of the sample shapes I ordered from the holiday session with Stacie and Andy Johnson.

And here is the second shape from my session with the Hotchkiss family!

These ornaments can be purchased from any sessions in 2012 and it’s just a great gift for parents and grandparents or a special way to remember the year on your own Christmas tree this year!  It’s even a great way to remember your high school seniors as they will be off to college next year.

These ornaments are metal and will come in a sweet little cloth that you can use to preserve them when you go to pack the ornaments away at the end of the season.

So if you are wondering what to get for Christmas this year, look no further and call Noelle Bell Photography today to order your ornaments today!


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