Top 20 Images of 2012, Noelle Bell Photography Knoxville TN

2012 has come and gone and with it so many wonderful memories and so many things have happened here at Noelle Bell Photography, both good and bad.

The bad can be summed up with one thing, falling and fracturing my foot while loading up things for the bridal show in March.  So I was off my foot completely for March and April and in a boot.  I was not up to shooting until late May and even then it was just a little.  So in July and the following months I began to get back into the groove of shooting and growing my business.  I did discover that bones don’t heal as quickly as they do when you are younger.

In August I had the joyous opportunity to leave my day job and take Noelle Bell Photography full-time!  I was so excited and there were now hours in the day for all the things that I had spent many hours late at night doing.  My husband and I took our first vacation in 3 years and then with the fall season I spent many hours photographing families, more 2013 graduating high school seniors and building my Christmas set in the studio in preparation for the holidays.  The holiday portraits were wonderful and I finally can share some of the images with the families that were saving the images for holiday gifts.

Last night we rung in the new year after taking a week off and spending it with family and friends and remembering what the reason for the season truly is about.  As 2013 begins, I wanted to sum up some of my favorite images from 2012 and say a very special thank you to all of my clients that I have had the privilege of working with and thank you so much for making this year truly special!

Here is a look back on 2012 and the top 20 images from last year here at Noelle Bell Photography.  There were so many great images to choose from and so many that I hated to cut, but these were by far my favorite ones!  These images are in no particular order.

Happy New Year to all of you and I look forward to serving you in 2013 here at Noelle Bell Photography, Knoxville TN

2012 Fall Youth Retreat_Outdoor_Doe River Gorge_Noelle Bell Photography_-479 Abbie_Senior Pictures_Knoxville TN_Noelle Bell Photography_Portraits_1b Andy and Stacie_Christmas Pictures_Holiday_Knoxville Photographer_Noelle Bell Photography0050 Bogart Family_Christmas Pictures_Holiday Pictures_Noelle Bell Photography_Knoxville TN-143.1b Caitlin_Senior Portraits_Senior Pictures Anderson County TN_Noelle Bell Photography015 Childrens Photography Knoxville TN_Noelle Bell Photography Knoxville TN_Kids Portraits Knoxville TN_2b Childrens Photography Knoxville TN_Noelle Bell Photography Knoxville TN_Kids Portraits Knoxville TN_8.1b Cochrans_Family Portraits Knoxville TN_Noelle Bell Photography_Family Pictures Knoxville TN_019.1b Fashion_Glamour Shoot Knoxville TN Noelle Bell Photography_Fashion Portraits Senior Pictures Noelle Bell Photography Knoxville TN_0525.1s Fashion_Glamour_Knoxville TN_Noelle Bell Photography_Senior_Molly_0150.1b Garden_Noelle Bell Photography Knoxville TN_Animal Pictures Knoxville TN_0061.1b Katie_Studio Portraits_Senior Pictures_Knoxville TN_Noelle Bell Photography_0056.1.1b Lynn_Family Pictures Knoxville TN Noelle Bell Photography Maycie_Knoxville TN Senior Pictures_Noelle Bell Photography-50.1b Melissa_Caleb_Wedding Portraits Knoxville TN_Engagement Pictures Knoxville TN_Ijams Nature Center_Noelle Bell Photography__80.1 PPETN_Outdoor_Senior_Children_Kids_Pictures_Knoxville TN_Noelle Bell Photography_-24.1b PPETN_Outdoor_Senior_Children_Kids_Pictures_Knoxville TN_Noelle Bell Photography_-32.1b Suzanne_Glamour Portraits Knoxville TN_Noelle Bell Photography Knoxville TN_Fashion Images Knoxville TN_0176.1b Tiana_Halls High School Senior Portraits_Senior Pictures Knoxville TN_Noelle Bell Photography005 Tori_Halls High School Senior Portraits_Senior Pictures Knoxville TN_Noelle Bell Photography015 (1)


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