A Cat filled Holiday, Noelle Bell Photography Knoxville TN

What a Christmas it has been!  Finally time to relax with our families and our friends.  We spent Christmas eve with Lynn’s dad and we brought Lynn’s cat Guinevere to visit “Grandpa Grady” for a few weeks.  She just loves the hardwood floors and the fun she has as the only cat in the house!  We had a great time relaxing and a little time playing with her.  She really enjoyed when the bags and the boxes were open!  The only thing she likes more than that is catnip!

Christmas Holidays_Cats_Noelle Bell Photography_2012_0164

On Christmas day we got to see Lynn’s 93 year old grandmother, and his cousins.  It’s such fun to see everyone and how they have grown.  And it’s always fun to see his grandmother’s cats.  The tabby, Bitty is over 20 years old and a sweet cat, but most of the time this year she slept.

Christmas Holidays_Cats_Noelle Bell Photography_2012_0171

Christmas Holidays_2012_0218 Christmas Holidays_2012_0227

A few days later we made it to my parents house and there we got to see the mother of my two cats whom my parents affectionately named Zip.  Zip is gray and white, and although all of her children came out black or black and white, they look just like her.  My little tuxedo Oreo is the spitting image of her just in black and white.  She is about 7 years old now or somewhere about there.   Here are some of the fun images I captured of her.

Christmas Holidays_Cats_Noelle Bell Photography_2012_0072 Christmas Holidays_Cats_Noelle Bell Photography_2012_0077 Christmas Holidays_Cats_Noelle Bell Photography_2012_0149


Stay tuned tomorrow and I’ll have the second half of this post which includes some great family portraits from the trip.  I so love capturing images of cats…I think the yawn – the last picture of Zip was my favorite!  🙂


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