Family Pictures from the Holidays, Noelle Bell Photography

The Christmas holidays were so relaxing and allowed for some fun times with our families!  The fun times included some much needed R&R at Grady’s house and a Batman movie marathon!  Both Grady and I got the same movies for Lynn for Christmas, knowing he loves to collect the DC & Marvel comic movies, so now Lynn can watch them with his dad anytime, and he can watch them here anytime.  Lucky man…  🙂  We both had a wonderful time and here is a great picture I got of Lynn with his dad.  They certainly look like father and son don’t they!

Christmas Holidays_2012_0234

On Christmas day as tradition holds, the whole of Lynn’s family on his mother’s side of the family, all gather at his Mamaw’s house for Christmas lunch and time with the cousins.  It was a full house, although not as full as other years, and we got to catch up with everyone.  Jamie brought his almost one year old son and it was the first time I had seen Jackson, but let me tell you he was a cutie!  Just look at that grin!  He took center stage with all the girl cousins while he was there.  Dave and Lynn got to catch up and talk and of course they all got the same gifts, so they were sporting their scarves this year.  Mamaw took some time to open the gifts for herself, and of course I snagged a few pictures of the kids, Josh, Kendra and Alyssa!

We stayed afterwards and I helped put all the food away and clean up while Lynn stayed in the kitchen with his Mamaw to talk as he did the dishes.   We got plenty of loving in on the cats, if you read yesterday’s post, you saw Fluffy and Bitty, although we only saw her new cat for about 3 seconds as she darted to a new hiding spot!  It was a very good Christmas time with family indeed!

Christmas Holidays_2012_0193 Christmas Holidays_2012_0196 Christmas Holidays_2012_0200 Christmas Holidays_2012_0210 Christmas Holidays_2012_0214 Christmas Holidays_2012_0215 Christmas Holidays_2012_0216

A few days later we made it to mom and dad’s in VA for a few days stay and the nice thing was that this time we mostly hung around the house and relaxed, with only one day of going out to do a little shopping while the men went to some historical museum I think.  Time at mom and dad’s house was filled with fun and lots of laughter.  The night after we opened gifts we all sat in the living room in our new fleece pants!   In the afternoon dad had to watch the VA Tech game and mom was just finished drying the new fleece pants, so dad got in his fleece pants to help VA Tech win, and they finally pulled out of the hole and won, so I guess the lucky pants will now appear every time there is a game!  🙂

Saturday evening I decided to play the piano and wow, yes it was a small miracle I didn’t kill anyone’s eardrums, although I know I tested moms.  I used to play on our piano at home, well that was a long time ago.  Mom decided it would be good to have her play the bottom hand while I played the top hand….oh my goodness.  How horrible and yet hysterical it was to try that!  We got to laughing so hard!  Somehow the guys just ignored us and kept talking in the same room.

Then after mom played some by herself, I told her I wanted to play my favorite hymn.  Now mind you my bad playing was still ringing in her ears when she looked at the hymn and said “you are going to play that”?  Oh I could see it now….it was the one hymn I played for years and I loved it.  I used to be able to play it with two hands.  Well I started small and played it with just one hand, and then mom’s amazement grew, and so did mine a bit – I didn’t realize how well that my fingers remembered that song.  I not only played it well, but I tried it with two hands and didn’t do too bad, although I had to play it much slower.  So, now I want t a piano again.  I do enjoyed playing it, but would love to get better at it.

Christmas Holidays_2012_0005 Christmas Holidays_2012_0008 Christmas Holidays_2012_0010 Christmas Holidays_2012_0012 Christmas Holidays_2012_0019 Christmas Holidays_2012_0021

And finally the pictures of the pants!  We tried to line up so we would not clash, So here we are, mom with the owl’s, Lynn with the smiley faces, Me with the snowflakes and dad alternating with his VT pants and his blue pants.

Overall it was a wonderful vacation and very relaxing.  Thanks to everyone it was great to have the time to relax!  I hope you had a very relaxing holiday as well.


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