Natalie McMichael Senior Pictures Knoxville TN Noelle Bell Photography

Happy Friday everyone!  It’s a beautiful day here at the studio’s of Noelle Bell Photography and I am so excited to get back to blogging!  I’m way behind on sharing so many of the images from my senior portrait sessions.

Natalie is the sweetest girl who I have been privileged to get to know and see her heart for the world expand.  Working with the youth of today and seeing the Lord shine through them is such a privilege.  Natalie was so nervous about having her pictures made and the first session she brought a friend along and we got some great BFF pictures at the end, but along the way she loosened up and relaxed we captured some fun and beautiful images.  Natalie had the best accessories for her senior pictures including some awesome boots and great scarves.  Accessories can really make an outfit rock, and Natalie rocked her images!  The outdoor senior session and  fall leaves allowed for some  senior pictures that had a magazine feel to them.  Seriously Natalie could be a model!

Natalie Senior Pictures Knoxville TN Noelle Bell Photography


Senior Pictures Knoxville TN Noelle Bell Photography

I love capturing senior pictures around water as it allows for so many neat images!  Natalie braved taking off her shoes and with the help of her friend got in the water and knelt down.  I had an idea in mind for this image and I’m so happy that not only did it work for this image, but her mom loved it too.  I actually ordered a second image of this for the studio as I know other kids or mom’s may love to do something similar.

Senior Pictures Noelle Bell Photography Knoxville TN

We did a second shoot at the studio just to get some close up shots of her and for this she came alone, so it was just Natalie and me at she relaxed much quicker.  We captured some amazing images and I’m so glad we did the studio senior portrait session as her mom LOVED those images.  I always suggest that seniors bring a top that matches the color of their eyes and when Natalie had the green top on with a yellow scarf, her eyes popped right off the page!  She has stunning eyes and it was hard to pick a favorite.  Some of the props that I often use in the studio are often as simple as a pillow or fabric, which makes for great pictures and fun and beautiful images.  The best part of all was that Natalie’s mom’s favorite image came out of this set.

Senior Pictures Noelle Bell Photography Knoxville TN

If you are ready to book your senior portraits, call the studio today at 865.661.2744  or click on the Senior Tab above.

We look forward to talking with you soon!


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