Mark and April, Engagement Session Knoxville TN, Noelle Bell Photography

Back in January, my friend Mark Brooks contacted me to let me know he was getting married in June.  He and his fiance wanted to talk about having me cover the wedding photography.  We set up a time to meet, and I began coming down with a cold the night they came, but they said it was okay.  My head was foggy and I wasn’t even sure if I shared everything once, twice or if it all made sense, but they called me back a few weeks later to discuss the details and tell me that they wanted me to cover both their wedding day and rehearsal dinner.  I love getting to spend time with the couples with whom I have the privilege of photographing their wedding.  It has been wonderful getting to know April and Mark and their love for animals, a common thread as we both have cats!

April has been a joy getting to know.  She has often asked for my professional opinion and that means the world to me when a client allows me to speak into and share advice on what to do for their day or in the planning stages of the wedding.  Another thing I love is that she has an amazing smile, and when she and Mark get to laughing, it’s the best thing to watch.  Her favorite kind of chocolate is also the same as mine – dark chocolate, so I surprised her with a box of her favorites from Godiva at the engagement session.    I even got a sneak peek at her GORGEOUS wedding dress and well all I have to say is she is going to look STUNNING!

This past weekend, just a few weeks prior to the wedding, I captured their engagement pictures.  The weather cooperated and the late afternoon/evening hours were gorgeous.  We met up at Remedy Coffee in the old city in downtown Knoxville.  It’s one of my favorite coffee shops and they have a loft that you can rent for an hourly rate.  So not only did I get to have my favorite Hazelnut latte, the best in Knoxville for sure, but we got to relax in the quiet of the loft while Natalie did April’s hair and makeup for the session and I took pictures of the amazing engagement ring!  (You did good Mark!)  We came back there after the first location shoot so they could change, we could all get something to drink and enjoy some air-conditioning and redo some of the front curls in April’s hair, as the dampness in the air had taken out some of the curl.  We wound up with some amazing shots, even if we did all get a tiny bit hungry.  (Sorry Mark!)

Here is a collage of images that I put together of my favorite pictures from the session.  I may even order a canvas of this for the studio I like it so much!

Engagement Collage Wedding Photography Engagement Pictures Knoxville TN Noelle Bell Photography.1.b

So with only about 2 1/2 weeks until their wedding, Mark and April I can’t wait to share the special day with you and create some amazing memories that will last you a lifetime.  Just remember if you start to get stressed in the coming weeks, have one of those amazing truffels! 🙂

No matter when in life you find your special ONE, always take time to capture the memories!

Noelle Bell Photography



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