Life Groups, Knoxville TN, HSM Fellowship Church

Tonight was the kickoff for this years small group’s that are no longer to be called small groups.  They will be now called “Life Groups” as we will be “doing life together”.   The past few years I’ve had the opportunity to hang out with the kids as they went through middle school and their freshman year of high school.  This year I’ll be co-leading a group of sophomore’s.  Some of these girls are kids I’ve known since they were rising first graders and yet as it has been 4 years since I’ve taught them.  I know so much of them each individually as a person has changed, shifted, matured, questions have surfaced and to some degree this will be a re-learning of them.  Others in the group I have just met this year and a few I have known, but not really known so I’m looking forward to our journey together this year and Lord willing the following two as they finish high school.

God has often frustrated me with His timing (mostly because it wasn’t when I wanted it, so selfish and obvious that God didn’t do the frustrating, but me).  He in turn has often surprised me with his timing.  He works in ways that I will never understand and He see’s the big picture for each of these girls in a way that I only hope He will lead and provide wisdom as the coming years are formative for each one of them.  I’m thrilled to be a part of their lives in a capacity of a teacher and a leader (as long as they don’t learn from my driving skills ~ confessions of a Jersey driver).  This year there will be challenges, questions and life changes that I know will bring a myriad of emotions, trials and battles that I can only prayerfully be open to the Spirit’s leading as we lead these girls.

I am thankful for two other leaders to share this responsibility and the chance to even get to know them further and be used in each others lives as we pray, disciple and equip this group of young ladies.  I know we will have a lot of fun as well as good times with this group and I am thankful for the group of parents that prayed over us tonight, as all three of us will need His wisdom to lead these girls in the coming year.

Tonight we entered into a time of worship with our groups, and it was such a sweet time together.  Rich hymns and praise songs were combined with voices both on and off key (yes I’m not always on key), but a fragrant offering was raised up tonight.  God whispered sweet confirmations and words of wisdom to me, reminding me to center myself always on Him and to not lift my voice to the worries of the world, but rest in Him, my solid rock!

So onward we go…I can’t wait to see all that this year will bring!


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