A day for projects and gearing up for Senior Pictures!

Yesterday was a beautiful day with sun and clouds and fairly warm with no feeling of the impending snow and freezing cold that was coming.  Since it was nice, I decided to work on a DIY project that I had in my mind for some time now.  Shutters were something that I had been seeking out for this project.  I had two, but that really wasn’t enough to constitute a backdrop that could be used for my high school senior portraits but all that changed when I stumbled across some on Craigslist for $20.  They were metal and it was a steal of a deal.   It took a few weeks to finally be able to meet with holiday schedules but we did last week and after cleaning them off yesterday, I went to work on my new backdrop!

Here is a finished sneak peek of them.  If it weren’t snowing today I’d definitely plan on a photo shoot using them with one of my reps, but most likely that will not be the case today or tomorrow with these frigid temperatures.

So until then, here’s a sneak peek.

Color, Bold, Backdrop, Fun, BrightCan’t wait to capture someone with this as the background!

And for you VOL fans, I’m building an Orange and White one too!  🙂


If you have a current junior and are interested in becoming a spokesmodel for Noelle Bell Photography and earning some cool bonuses and freebies, check out this link or the link on my Facebook page to fill out an application as we are scheduling meeting and setting up shoots!  https://secure.jotform.us/form/23327415045144




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