Temporary Pet Rescue, Noelle Bell Photography, Knoxville TN

Monday started out like any other with the one exception, that by nightfall it was going to be 7 degrees outside, well below freezing.  We were prepared for the winter weather, a possible power outage and no we did not run to the store for milk and bread.  This born and bred New Jersey girl knows how to prepare and that most likely the schools might be out, but the roads will be fine.  🙂

We had plenty of cat food and our cats were safe and warm, but the stray mama cat outside and her three now cats, they were not that lucky.   We had no room to take any more in, and yet it was forecasted at that time to drop to 1 degree by the middle of Monday night.  

So the softies that we are, warmed up some milk and after one of them just walked in the house when I opened the door the other one came surprisingly quick.  (His weakness is warm milk)  Then I tried to get mama, but she screeched twisted out of my arms and we haven’t seen her since, so she was not keen on this idea.  A few hours later I went back out and the third one came for some warm milk and was happy to come in, just not happy to be in the bathroom.  

So for a few nights, until it warms up again, we have temporary guests.  They all are sweet in their own ways.  

Watson looks just like his mom and is the only short-haired cat of the litter.  

Pet Portraits, Pet Rescue, Knoxville TN

Bear is a black fur ball and a lover!  He just wants to sit in your lap and purr.  He sure has a motor.  

Pet Portraits, Pet Rescue, Knoxville TN

Tiger was the most skittish of all, but by this morning he was rolling over and showing me his tummy and purring.

Pet Portraits, Pet Rescue, Knoxville TN

So if anyone needs a cat or knows of a good home they could go to, let us know, or they will be going back outside in a few days.  All of these male cats have been fixed.


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