Can you do senior pictures year round?

Well of course you can do senior pictures year round, and how many seniors in East TN can say they have some snow pictures!  I was born and raised in NJ where when it snowed they might have had a two hour delay as they salted the roads and put the chains on the busses, but we rarely missed school to snow.  A winter day where Knox County High Schools were closed for 3 days made for a great opportunity to head to the mountains and do a photo shoot with my senior spokesmodels. Lindsay was featured yesterday and today I wanted to feature Haven.   What a wonderful time to do senior pictures but when school is out and the roads are good. The snow and a beautiful landscape of the mountains were a great combination and the white snow reflected light everywhere.  Here is a sneak peek of Haven, a class of 2016 senior at Bearden High School who came along and rocked the camera!  I loved the brilliant blue sweater that she brought.  The color really popped on this shoot.

Check this image out.  Talk about confidence and beauty, they both shine through!

Blue, Snow, Outdoor Portraits, Model, Rockstar, Dark Hair

More images will come in a few days so start tuned for more stellar images of Haven and the others that were part of this photo session.

If you haven’t yet scheduled your senior pictures, and would love a beautiful outdoor setting for your senior pictures, call today as spring sessions will book up quickly, but indoor studio pictures are available year round.   Contact Noelle Bell Photography studios at (865) 661-2744 or email today to take advantage of this or just fill in the form below.

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