Snow Day Fun in East TN, 3 girls and Starbucks!

Well I’ve finally compiled some of my favorite images from the snow days we had a few weeks back in East TN.  So thankful for the beautiful snow that is rarely seen here in the south, and even more thankful that two of Noelle Bell Photography‘s high school seniors were there to join in on the fun.  So Lindsay, Ila, Haven and I all headed up towards Pigeon Forge to a beautiful place called the Swann Plantation which is a new wedding venue that they allowed us to use.

Here are the stars of the show in a few of our opening images from the day.  Two of the girls had known each other from a dance class, but they were fast friends.

Snow, Girls, Boots, Senior PicturesSo after a few fun shots in this location and almost falling a few times as the boots made it fun to be “slipping and a sliding” , I captured an individual image of each of them.  These girls are absolutely stunning, with hearts to match!

Snow, Girls, Boots, Senior PicturesAnd really, what’s snow without a snowball fight?  No gloves and freezing hands afterwards, I surprised them with hot chocolate I had brought with me in a thermos.  Here are some images from the fun!

Snow fun, Snowball, Boots, high school senior pictureThey were very happy to warm up after this.  We had fun trying to make it look like it was snowing for these next pictures.  Lindsay kept getting hit with the snow, but I love this picture of her!  We got it down for Ila’s image and then not so much but I love this one of Haven!

Snow, Railing, Beautiful girls, Senior Pictures, FunHere’s a few other favorites, but I’ll leave the inside of the plantation for another blog post.

Snow, Mink, Magazine Cover, Rockstar, Model, Dancer Snow, Mink, Magazine Cover, Rockstar, Model Senior Spokesmodel, Halls High School, Band, Red, Snow

And what’s a better way to end a shoot but to treat the girls to Starbucks on the way home! We had the best time and I do indeed hope for more snow, but I think it might be time for spring to come rolling in.

Stay tuned for another post featuring the inside of the plantation.

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