Isabel Siegel | Bahamas Fundraiser | Class of 2016 Senior | Noelle Bell Photography | Knoxville TN

Since I met Isabel in 6th grade when she came to Fellowship Church, she has been a constant joy.  She is a hard worker, a swimmer, an honor roll student and she has a heart for missions that has been wonderful to see grow as her relationship with the Lord has deepened.

Isabel sent me a message about her upcoming mission trip to the Bahamas with the youth at Fellowship church and so I proposed a Instagram picture party to help her raise some money for this trip.  We put it together, took some early senior pictures of Isabel and I created a bookmark with her favorite verse on it to give out to her family and friends.  We didn’t have a lot of people at the party after 2 weeks of snow and no school, but because of the posts for this party family and friends and others who wanted to support her heard about her trip and the Lord provided through them the remainder of the money needed for the trip.

Here is one of my favorite pictures of Isabel and a few from the party.

Senior Pictures, Class of 2016, Beauty, Senior Girl
Senior Pictures, Class of 2016, Beauty, Senior Girl, Black and White Senior Pictures, Class of 2016, Beauty, Senior Girl, Black and White, Hat Senior Pictures, Class of 2016, Beauty, Senior Girl, Black and White, HatHere is a snippet about what Isabel and the team did when they were there in the Bahamas.

“Most of our time during the day we will be helping a camp down there prepare for this summer and the campers coming.  One thing we will be  helping with is finishing their new dining hall and transform the old dining hall into another cabin. Also while we are down there we will have an outreach program where we go to a park and invite kids from the surrounding area to come. We will playing games and making crafts that are biblical.  This fundraiser helped me raise most of my money for my trip.  It was really fun and Noelle out did herself with a cool sparkly gold background, bookmarks and little gift cups.”   ~ Isabel

I’m looking forward to hearing all about Isabel’s trip and praying for their safe arrival as the team arrives home tonight.




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