Senior Model – Grace

Last fall I had the privilege of photographing Grace’s senior pictures.  I met Grace two years ago when she needed a headshot and then she joined the Noelle Bell Photography Senior Model Team for 2017.

Grace, like me at her age, has her nose in books as often as she can.  They brought along a wagon full of books for this shoot and the flower crown was the perfect accessory for this garden setting.  I think if we had walked away she would have finished the novel.

The barefoot picture with this simple white dress in the garden, her mom said, was a perfect depiction of Grace.  Simple, elegant, beautiful and barefoot.

senior pictures, casual, senior year, noelle bell photography, knoxville tn

The sunset was stunning for Grace’s senior pictures in downtown Knoxville after we left the garden.  The reflection of the lights off of the Gay Street bridge added some beautiful colors to the background of this shot.

senior pictures, casual, senior year, noelle bell photography, knoxville tn

Saving the best for last was exactly what Grace did.  We headed up to the bridge for a few images at night after the sun had set.  And she had the most stunning outfit!

senior pictures, casual, senior year, noelle bell photography, knoxville tn

And here is one with the fantastic heels and then one showcasing the amazing balance retained by a dancer of many years.   Thank you Grace!  It has been a privilege working with you this past year.

What would you like to see for your senior portraits? Do you have a unique location you want to shoot in or a talent to share? If you can’t envision your portraits, lets collaborate and come up with the perfect location and set that will make your senior pictures stand out from the crowd.

Noelle Bell Photography currently has open slot available for the 2018 Senior Squad. If you want to be on it, click here!  We have some fun filled and amazing photo shoots lined up for the squad this spring and summer.

If you are a graduating 2017 senior and you haven’t booked your senior portrait session yet, click here!  We have 6 sessions in March open and 8 sessions in April left. so book your session today at Noelle Bell Photography.


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