An end of year Senior checklist!

The is less than a month of high school left for you as a senior and there is much to do!  Tests, papers to be turned in, athletic events, concerts, prom and getting your yearbooks and having your friends sign them as well as senior skip day!  In the rush of everything, don’t forget to look over this list below and make sure you get a few of these fun things in before you graduate. If you haven’t had your senior portraits taken yet, there is still time for them as well with Noelle Bell Photography.

Have a last hurrah with your close friends!  

All too soon, the phrase “all-nighter” is going to mean a night spent studying or working on a paper as you move into your college years. Create a fun night or all nighter with your close friends enjoy every moment. Play board/card games, cook smores over the grill, go on a scavenger hunt in Walmart, prank call the guys/girls, load up on junk food and get busy making memories you will never forget.

Go on a Hike or a Trip

Before your life is full with books and responsibilities that come with growing up, plan a trip in or around the Knoxville area with your friends.   You can choose a hike in the Smoky Mountains, a hike or a midnight bike ride in Cades Cove or an adventure hike to watch the sunset or the sunrise at Match Patch.  Or head off for a day at Dollywood, Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg.  If you want a larger adventure, plan a road trip to the nearest big city like Atlanta or head to NYC or the coast and go on an adventure with your best friends.

Graduation party planning

Since it is almost time for graduation, go shopping for the perfect graduation dress/outfit.  Don’t forget to pick up your cap & gown from school and be sure to press it so it’s ready for the day of.  You may even want to take time with your friends to decorate your cap for the big day. If a graduation party is in the works, begin collecting any photos and awards you want to display at your graduation party.

Graduation Day

Make sure camera and phones are charged for the big day ahead! Discuss with family and friends where to meet after the ceremony. Assign someone to be in charge of photos and videos.  Have fun, hug everyone twice, celebrate your accomplishment and be present in the moment with your friends and family but don’t forget to snap a few pics on your phone too!

From us at Noelle Bell Photography we hope you have the best time with your family and friends and you get a few of these fun activities in before the year ends.  I highly recommend the Walmart late night scavenger hunt!


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