Kitten Treats, Yarn Balls, and Cameras…Oh My!

Pet portraits, Kittens, rescue, Happy Paws Kitten Rescue, Noelle Bell Photography, Knoxville TN pet photographer

These babies were a basket of fun! Noelle Bell Photography was able to capture plenty of adorableness for Happy Paws Kitten Rescue once again, along with the collaboration of Flip Flop Social Productions!

Playing with six precious kittens and watching them be especially cute is hardly what we would call work, but hey somebody’s gotta do it, and Noelle Bell Photography gladly volunteers! We were able to capture some irresistibly cute moments with these little ones!

After all the kitten fun, it was time to show off their sweet mama cat, Bonnie. She was very timid and showed signs of abuse, so her foster mom stayed by her side so Noelle Bell Photography could capture her beauty for Happy Paws Kitten Rescue to share with others!


Make sure to head over to Noelle Bell Photography and book your pet photography session today!


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