Longevity of Client Relationships

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Michelle and I met at Scripps, many many years ago when I worked there.  I recently was going through my files to find some pictures of my husbands grandmother when I stumbled across the files of her kids from back in 2011 when we captured images of Michelle, Brandon and Emily at the University of Tennessee gardens.

Two years ago Brandon graduated from high school and this year Emily is graduating from Farragut High School.  It has been my privilege to capture senior portraits for both of them.  It was a blast from the past to revisit the pictures I took from back in 2011.  So much history has happened since then! The trip down memory lane that we took is something I consider a huge honor!!  Not only has this family become part of the Noelle Bell Photography family, but the LaRose family can chart their journey through the years of their family in pictures with a photographer that they trust.

Here is a then and now of the family (minus Greg) who wasn’t there for the session in 2011.

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Family portraits knoxville tn, fall family portraits, family pictures, noelle bell photography

Here is the then and now of Brandon as a senior, 2 years ago.

Here is the then and now of Emily as a senior, graduating from Farragut High School in May!

Here is a special moment between the kids and mom that I know she’ll treasure!

And here’s a few fun ones that shows off their personality at this age.  These two were and still are awesome kids!

I love seeing the difference and growth in my work but even more so I love seeing the growth and maturity of these young adults as they are launching into the world of college and then someday families of their own.

If you are in need of some updated family portraits or have an upcoming senior in high school, contact us today.  We’d love to talk with you further about “joining the family” and allowing us the privilege of capturing your family portraits.


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