What came back in my garden!

So it’s spring and we’re in the midst of COVID-19. A lot of plans that I had have changed in my business of Noelle Bell Photography is currently on indefinite hold. What is not on an indefinite hold however is my garden. We were hoping to be in a house this year and had found one right before all of this happened.  Well needless to say that plan is also on hold.

What is not on an indefinite hold is my garden. I had so many things come back that surprised me. I had hoped the Phlox would come back, even though they are in containers, and they did!

I had a pincushion flower come back and it actually never died.  I have 4 buds on it and I’m hoping that the quick two nights of cold don’t stop but that the 60 and 70 degree weather that is coming back tomorrow will make the buds spring up and bloom very soon. Thankfully my patio garden is sheltered on three sides so I do have an advantage.

My Crystal Peak White Obedience plant came back and I’m interested to see if that will do better this year as I got it the summer last year.  I have some seeds from it so I may try to grow a second plant to put in there with the original. Also my white foxglove came back and it’s already filling out in the pot.


Astilbe, of my shade plants which I moved from one location to another last summer, I thought for sure it had died.  Apparently not!  I don’t know when I will see any flowers but I think I might try a little fertilizer on this week since we will be in the 70s and we have five or six days straight of part sunshine/part clouds.  The other plant is the Dead Nettle….I’m not sure if you can kill that!  And right behind the dead nettle are some small shoots from my Starship Lobelia I had growing last year.  I am hoping this comes back solidly this year!  I really liked that one!


I hope you enjoyed the garden tour in March….I’ll let you see what April brings later when I hopefully have more in bloom!  Stay safe everyone!

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