High School Seniors, Tween/Child & Pet Photographer.

Hello and welcome to Noelle Bell Photography, a business focused on high school senior portraits, teens/kids and pet photography.  I believe in capturing images with a particular emphasis on creating timeless portraits.  I strive to provide each client with personal attention and create an experience that captures the unique personality of each individual.  Whether it’s a styled senior shoot – a ballerina at the Tennessee Theatre, an artist at a studio, a pet in the park, swim pictures at the pool and more – Noelle produces one-of-a-kind memories that will remain timeless treasures.

A Liberty University graduate with a bachelor’s degree in youth ministries, I remember taking my first picture at five years old and being captivated by Ansel Adams in high school. Evening outdoor shoots, working in the darkroom and developing my own film for a couple of photography classes in her high school stayed with me for many years. This led to following my dreams and earning a certificate of photography from Pellissippi State Community College and opening my own photography business in 2009.

My desire to pursue photography has also been motivated by a desire to spend quality time with the youth group.  My commitment to shaping today’s youth is something that I believe is of the highest priority.  For these youth will shape the future of tomorrow.  I believe that every teenager should know inherently that they are loved, beautiful/handsome and that they are designed for a purpose.

I am a lover of all things coffee, cats, jeans, boots and Chaco’s!!  Based in Knoxville, Tenn., I enjoy the seasons, especially fall and winter and when not behind the lens, I can be found curling up with my cats, reading or spending time with my friends and family. (and doing it over coffee always helps!  🙂

To learn more about Noelle Bell Photography, visit:


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