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Last year I had a post that I shared with you about the birth of the baby swans right across the way from where I work and I thought I would follow that post up today with some images I just recently took of them.  Well they are all grown up now, the mom (or the “pen”) is the one that is the closest in this image, and one of the young (known as a “cygnet” – but is not so small anymore) is in the background.  I have more images to share at a later time, but I only had time for a few quick edits as we had a birthday party to go to last night. 

I spent quite a bit of time hanging out and was only about 10 feet away from them when I captured the second image below, so you can tell that they are very used to people.  I didn’t bring any food for the sheer reason that I knew I would get overrun and not able to take any pictures, but plans are in place to go back with some bread to feed them and capture more images of them. 

These creatures are quite impressive and I do have some of them shaking out their wings!  WOW do they have an impressive wing span, but they actually are the largest waterfowl on the earth.  It’s really neat to be able to see them up close and capture images of them.

This image below held me in awe!  These creatures are so incredibly flexible and WOW that was a bit freaky to see the swan looking at me backwards.  It looks a bit unnatural, but cool at the same time!

I also did find out that swans not only mate for life, but they do have babies most every year after they have mated, so I’m looking forward to seeing the whole process again this year!  More little cygnets!!  Stay tuned for another update and more images from this day in the coming weeks.

Here is a Swan website for the UK that has a great list of commonly asked questions about swans. 

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