Noelle Bell Photography Top Images of 2015

First off HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

2015 was a wonderful, crazy and injury filled year.  Here at Noelle Bell Photography I wanted to take a minute to sum up the year with a review of my favorite images from this year.

First off, a HUGE “THANK YOU” to so many of my clients who were so incredibly patient with me when I couldn’t email, edit or had to schedule a second shoot because my wrist was giving out.  The success of Noelle Bell Photography rests on the amazing clients I have.  The chance you all have given me to cast the vision of creativity into the portraits I have created is truly an honor.

So without futher ado and in no particular order, here are my top fav’s from 2015.

Pet photo, dog photo, dog portraits knoxville tn, black lab halloween pictures knoxville tnGarrett Conti Senior Pictures Noelle Bell Photography Knoxville TN Catholic High School Senior 28.1Wedding Portrait Senior Pictures Knoxville TN, Senior Guy, Sports Portrait, football portraits grace christian Child Portrait Photographer Knoxville tn, kid pictures, kid photos knoxville tn, outdoor portraits, black and white, child photo senior pictures knoxville tn noelle bell photography, senior portraits, senior girl, smoke, guitar, senior artist Dani Crowder Senior Pictures Maryville High School Noelle Bell Photography Senior_0038.1 Fall Portraits Noelle Bell Photography Knoxville TN Couple Bride Outdoor Portraits_0044.1
Senior Pictures, Knoxville TN, NBP Senior Guy, Athlete, Black and White Senior Pictures, Senior Portraits, Senior Girl, 2016 Senior, Black and White Senior Pictures, Senior Portraits, Senior Girl, 2016 Senior, Outdoor Portraits Newborn Pictures Noelle Bell Photography Knoxville TN Baby Family Newborn Pictures 35 Child Portrait Photographer Knoxville tn, kid pictures, kid photos knoxville tn, studio portraits Pet Pictures, dog photos, christmas pet portraits knoxville tn Pet Pictures, dog photos, halloween pet portraits knoxville tn Senior Pictures, Senior Portraits, Senior Girl, 2016 Senior, Outdoor Portraits Knoxville Christian Academy Senior Pictures, Knoxville TN, NBP Senior Guy, Athlete, Black and White Senior Pictures, Knoxville TN, Senior Girl, Athlete, Sports Portrait Senior Pictures, Senior Portraits, Senior Girl, 2016 Senior prom dress, senior model noelle bell photography, senior portrait photographer knoxville tn, senior girl, blue Senior Pictures, Knoxville TN, NBP Senior Guy, Athlete, Black and White Senior Pictures, Knoxville TN, NBP Senior Guy, Athlete, Black and WhiteI can’t wait to start creating amazing images in 2016!!

If you haven’t yet scheduled your senior pictures yet contact Noelle Bell Photography today as amazing images can be created not only on location but also in the studio.  We have 5 openings remaining for January and 8 open in February, so call the studio at (865) 661-2744 or contact us at today. We can’t wait to capture this special season in your life.  You can book your session online at the website now.


Sage Weber, Bearden High School Senior, Knoxville TN, Noelle Bell Photography

Last Wednesday Noelle Bell Photography had the pleasure of capturing Sage Weber’s high school senior portraits.  Sage has the ability to graduate a year ahead of her class and so she decided to do it.   So this session was a sweet 16, senior portraits and graduation all rolled into one.  Sage, her mom and I traveled to downtown Knoxville and endured the cold weather to capture some beautiful images of Sage.  We had about an hour before the sun went down so we drove around warming up in the car as we went from place to place in the downtown area.   Then we stopped back at the studio for a few close up head shots and fun with all my hats and fur’s!  It was a fun filled evening of laughter, coffee and well, here are two images from the session.  It’s a sneak peek as Sage and her mom are on their way to see the images now!

Bearden High School, Noelle Bell Photography, Senior Girl, Black and Gold, Senior Glam, Outdoor Senior Pictures Bearden High School, Noelle Bell Photography, Senior Girl, Black and Gold, Senior Glam, Outdoor Senior Pictures

If you go to Bearden High School and are a senior looking for amazing portraits, talk with Sage about getting your portraits done.  She has a special offer for you too to use towards your session.

Call today as there are only a few sessions available in December, but they will book up quickly.  Contact Noelle Bell Photography studios at (865) 661-2744 or email today.

The World is Waiting for You!

TN Theatre Styled Shoot

A meeting of coincidence allowed Noelle Bell Photography the opportunity to do a styled photo shoot at the TN Theatre.  With that kind of opportunity I also was able to work with many new vendors that I had been in conversation with for some time now like Bella Boutique, and a brand new friend in Raymie Alsobrooks who did an amazing job with makeup and brought along a friend who did a stunning job on the girls hair.

The historic TN theatre has always been a stunning place to go to see the Opera’s and musicals that I love, so the chance to photograph inside the theatre was amazing.  I did not want the traditional shots of the theatre, but my own creative images to showcase high school seniors, prom or homecoming dresses from Bella Boutique that I was photographing.  A huge thank you goes out to the TN theatre for the time they allowed us to photograph there.  I can’t wait to share the images with you.  Here are two of the images that I captured from Monday’s session.

This one is Molly in the stunning lobby of the theatre.  Molly is in musical theatre at Bearden High School, so the location was a perfect fit for her.  When were were trying on dresses she said she had never worn a blue dress before, but I think this color looked amazing on her!

Noelle Bell Photography, Knoxville TN, Prom Dress, Bella BoutiqueMadison is one of my Senior Spokesmodels from Clinton High School who also came for this shoot and had the opportunity to dance on the stage of the TN Theatre as well as model another dress from Bella Boutique.  Madison also was a perfect fit for this shoot as she has been dancing for years with Dream Dance in Clinton, TN.  I know she would love to come back and dance on this stage professionally someday.

Noelle Bell Photography, Knoxville TN, Prom Dress, Bella Boutique, Dream Dance Clinton TNSo here’s a sneak peek for you!  Stay tuned for more images later this week.  And I’ll see you tomorrow Madison for your senior shoot!

Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Image Box

A beautiful wedding, a beautiful couple and a stunning image box to hold the images for the parents of the groom who wanted 4×6 prints of the wedding images. This particular box holds up to 800 images, (Noelle Bell Photography will be putting in 786). 

I love the timeless feel of black and white so I took their formal and made it black and white and used that for the cover image.  The back has an image on it as well, but most likely won’t be seen much.  I really hope they enjoy this image box!  I’m pretty sure they will.


This image is the side of the box that just states their names and the wedding date.  It has a nice clean look to it as well. 

So here is your sneak peek Peggy and Joe!  Pretty soon this will be in your hands with a lot of images inside of it.  Enjoy!

Until next time…


Swans, Knoxville Nature Photography

Last year I had a post that I shared with you about the birth of the baby swans right across the way from where I work and I thought I would follow that post up today with some images I just recently took of them.  Well they are all grown up now, the mom (or the “pen”) is the one that is the closest in this image, and one of the young (known as a “cygnet” – but is not so small anymore) is in the background.  I have more images to share at a later time, but I only had time for a few quick edits as we had a birthday party to go to last night. 

I spent quite a bit of time hanging out and was only about 10 feet away from them when I captured the second image below, so you can tell that they are very used to people.  I didn’t bring any food for the sheer reason that I knew I would get overrun and not able to take any pictures, but plans are in place to go back with some bread to feed them and capture more images of them. 

These creatures are quite impressive and I do have some of them shaking out their wings!  WOW do they have an impressive wing span, but they actually are the largest waterfowl on the earth.  It’s really neat to be able to see them up close and capture images of them.

This image below held me in awe!  These creatures are so incredibly flexible and WOW that was a bit freaky to see the swan looking at me backwards.  It looks a bit unnatural, but cool at the same time!

I also did find out that swans not only mate for life, but they do have babies most every year after they have mated, so I’m looking forward to seeing the whole process again this year!  More little cygnets!!  Stay tuned for another update and more images from this day in the coming weeks.

Here is a Swan website for the UK that has a great list of commonly asked questions about swans. 

Until next time…


Fashion Shoot

This past Saturday I had a chance to practice some studio images with Emily Anne Buck and we had some fun!!  I had just purchased some old hats at an estate sale the other day, and I was anxious to try them out.  WOW did they make the session sizzle!  I loved the dimension that the hat added to the shoot and the images came out beyond amazing!  Of course working with Emily Anne has always been fun and very easy!!  I am looking forward to seeing her next weekend at a party at her house where I get the opportunity to photograph a bunch of little babies in their halloween costumes.  What fun!

So here are a few images for you to see.  The fun hat with the big flower is mine.  The brown hat was Emily Anne’s.

Oh, and did I mention that Emily Anne just had a baby a few months ago!?!

Amazing jacket from the 70’s that was her mom’s.  Lesson:  keep everything for your kids it will someday come back in style!


Black and White Beauty

And here showing off some personality!

Thanks EA for a great shoot!!  We did it fast and it was so much fun!  I can’t wait to see you and all the little “pumpkins” next weekend!

Until next time…

New Arrival – Henry Best

A week ago I had the joy of photographing my friends little boy just a few weeks after he arrived into this world!!  What an adorable baby boy he was!!  Even now as I’m working on the images, I have such a hard time editing because he is such a cutie pie.  He will be a heartbreaker for sure as he grows up!  He slept for a little while, and was awake for some of the shoot.  We did find that the monkey mobile that played music was soothing and helped to put him to sleep.  He has such a great room that we really got some amazing pictures with the great light coming in the windows.

Here are a few sneak peeks of the most adorable Henry Best!

I hope you enjoy them!!  Sarah and Jason, you made a beautiful baby boy!  I can’t wait to see him grow.

Wedding of Tish and Carlos

Two weeks ago I had the privilege of photographing the wedding of Tish and Carlos Younger!  What a fun couple they were.  Nicole Webber was my second shooter and she got some amazing shots as well!  I have a few to share and so many more to process!!  Thank goodness for a day off to work on some of the images.  Here are a few from the day.  More to come.

What lovely ladies that stole the show that day!

Carlos anxiously awaits his bride

The flowers and the gorgeous detail of her dress

Eyes for only each other

Newborn Photos

Last weekend I had the opportunity of a newborn session!  I absolutely loved it and was completely challenged by it.  I have a new appreciation for the art of this kind of photography.  I was able to get a few really nice shots, and here are some of them.  Unfortunately my subject even after eating 3 times in 2 hours did not want to go to sleep, so there is only one shot where he looks like he is sleeping.  I am really looking forward to having the opportunity to do another newborn session this Sunday afternoon.

Here are the pictures of the family and Mr. Theo!

Until next time!


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