Alyssa’s Senior Portraits in Kingsport TN, Sullivan Central High School

My husband is from Kingsport, TN so we are often in the area for the weekend or just to visit.   His cousin, Alyssa started her senior year at Sullivan Central High School this year so I met with her to capture some senior pictures of her.  I had discovered a wonderful coffee shop in the downtown area with a great meeting space as well as a beautiful interior.  So since we had a little rain, the owners gladly allowed me to take some portraits inside the shop.  If you haven’t been to Hibbert-Davis Coffee in downtown Kingsport, go and check it out.  My latte was wonderful. Here are a few images from the session both there and around the downtown area. Kingsport TN Noelle Bell Photography Senior Portraits Sullivan Central High School Class of 2015 Yellow_0046.1b The coffee shop was where we started since it was drizzling out and her dress went perfectly with everything inside. Kingsport TN Senior Pictures, Senior Girl, Sullivan Central Senior Portraits Then we meandered around the downtown area and captured a few more images.Kingsport TN Senior Pictures, Senior Girl, Sullivan Central Senior Portraits Kingsport TN Senior Pictures, Senior Girl, Sullivan Central Senior Portraits And of course we had to get one in the famous landmark downtown, the red telephone booth! Kingsport TN Senior Pictures, Senior Girl, Sullivan Central Senior Portraits So if you are in the Kingsport, TN area and haven’t had your high school senior portraits taken yet, I would love to talk to you about scheduling your senior session.

Email or call us today as there are only a few sessions available in September and October will book up quickly.  Contact Noelle Bell Photography studios at (865) 661-2744 or email today or fill out the form below.

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Fashion Shoot

This past Saturday I had a chance to practice some studio images with Emily Anne Buck and we had some fun!!  I had just purchased some old hats at an estate sale the other day, and I was anxious to try them out.  WOW did they make the session sizzle!  I loved the dimension that the hat added to the shoot and the images came out beyond amazing!  Of course working with Emily Anne has always been fun and very easy!!  I am looking forward to seeing her next weekend at a party at her house where I get the opportunity to photograph a bunch of little babies in their halloween costumes.  What fun!

So here are a few images for you to see.  The fun hat with the big flower is mine.  The brown hat was Emily Anne’s.

Oh, and did I mention that Emily Anne just had a baby a few months ago!?!

Amazing jacket from the 70’s that was her mom’s.  Lesson:  keep everything for your kids it will someday come back in style!


Black and White Beauty

And here showing off some personality!

Thanks EA for a great shoot!!  We did it fast and it was so much fun!  I can’t wait to see you and all the little “pumpkins” next weekend!

Until next time…

Wedding of Tish and Carlos

Two weeks ago I had the privilege of photographing the wedding of Tish and Carlos Younger!  What a fun couple they were.  Nicole Webber was my second shooter and she got some amazing shots as well!  I have a few to share and so many more to process!!  Thank goodness for a day off to work on some of the images.  Here are a few from the day.  More to come.

What lovely ladies that stole the show that day!

Carlos anxiously awaits his bride

The flowers and the gorgeous detail of her dress

Eyes for only each other

e-Session at the Biltmore

It was a wonderful start to the weekend as my husband and I journeyed to the Biltmore Estate to enjoy the day with our friends Jennifer Canatsey and Cade Long, who happen to be engaged and wanted me to take their engagement pictures.  Okay, so would you say no??  I didn’t think so!!  🙂  It was just a perfect day as the little bit of rain fell when we went through the house, and the clouds allowed for some softer light instead of the dreaded harsh light at 4:30 when we started taking pictures.  We found all kinds of neat little nooks and crannies to take pictures in and of course the gardens provided a lot of beauty!!  I posted a few of the edited pics on my Facebook Fan page, but for those that don’t Facebook, here are some of my favorites that I have edited so far.  I still have a lot to go through still, so there will inevitably be more.

This view was from the terrace on the side of the house.

By the reflecting pools.

Loved the spontaneous moment!  So glad I had the camera at the ready!

The rose garden was a magnificent place with a million photo opportunities.  It was hard to choose just a few, but these two made every pictures so great with their smiles and enjoyment of the day!  It was so nice to photograph friends and at the same time enjoy the gardens with them.

Jennifer had made mention while we were touring the Biltmore that she had hydrandgea’s, so when we passed this on our way to change and freshen up for the garden shots, I had to take this picture!!  What a beautiful plant, and the center of each flower looked just like a little pearl, like Jenn’s engagement ring.  I don’t know that I’ve ever taken a close look at the inside of a hydrandgea plant before.  How beautiful are the details of God’s creations!!

I hope that you have enjoyed the pictures, and I do hope to have more up on the blog soon.  Now off to edit more pictures!!

Until next time…

Colors of Spring

This Sunday I took a drive up to Cades Cove to see what spring looked like there and although the azalea’s weren’t quite where Knoxville’s azalea’s are, I was able to see some beautiful things on my way up, there and back!  So if you are wanting to take a trip up to the beautiful Smokey Mountain National Park, here are some of the beautiful things you may see there or along your way.

So take a trek with me to see what TN has for you to see!!  And let me know where you would like your next family photo taken.  In a field of wheat, amongst the flowers, or in with the butterflies native to our region.  I would be happy to find you the perfect spot!

Models and High Glamour Shots

Last night a group of my photographer friends and I gathered at our friend Dave Moore’s studio to hang out chat and then shoot some pictures of each other and of some models.  It was a blast and I got two pictures that I am so proud of!!  Thanks Dave for hosting us, and anyone interested in seeing more of Dave’s work here you go.  Dave’s studio is located right next to Remedy coffee, where I stopped in before the meeting for my favorite latte to enjoy during socializing.  Remedy coffee is located in the old city in downtown Knoxville, and they are the best!!  I visit every chance I’m down there!

Okay, so here are the pictures of America and Nanette!


Sunday afternoon I had the pleasure of taking pictures of one of my dear friends niece Alexandra who was just 14 days old!  She was just about 6 lbs and so very tiny.   She was precious though and I had a great time photographing her and her family.  Here are some of my favorite shots from the event.

This one was one of my favorites, although not the best compositionally, I love how Gabe’s hand is reaching out to protect her in style that strongly reminded me of a Michelangelo painting.

What a great big brother Gabe is going to be to his little sister.  Thanks Jason and Tracy for the pleasure of letting me capture your little one.  I will get more pictures edited in the coming days.

Until the next time…

Beauty of the Day

Today I spent some time wandering on Market Square and ended up stopping in the UT gardens on the way home.  The UT Gardens offered many beautiful sights as there were 3 proms that night and I was able to capture some of the handsome ladies and gentleman all decked out for the event.   There were plenty of pictures being taken, but after asking a dad if I could and handing him my card so that they could look at the images later, I snapped a few.  The last couple I was able to get a few pictures of as well and they were in such a beautiful setting!  Enjoy!

Newborn Photos

Last weekend I had the opportunity of a newborn session!  I absolutely loved it and was completely challenged by it.  I have a new appreciation for the art of this kind of photography.  I was able to get a few really nice shots, and here are some of them.  Unfortunately my subject even after eating 3 times in 2 hours did not want to go to sleep, so there is only one shot where he looks like he is sleeping.  I am really looking forward to having the opportunity to do another newborn session this Sunday afternoon.

Here are the pictures of the family and Mr. Theo!

Until next time!


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