Spreading Wings

Spreading Wings, originally uploaded by noelleW.

This was another favorite of the captures that I was able to take using the bulb setting on my camera last night. This exposure was not quite as long as the previous one. There was still a lot going on in this display.


Trees of Beauty

Trees of Beauty, originally uploaded by noelleW.

Last night I went up to West Park Baptist with my friends David and JanaRae to see the fireworks display! We both live in walking distance to it, and the night was beautiful for the show!

I had a photography assignment not too long ago where I was to take pictures on the bulb setting of my camera. It was mentioned in class, that one of the best uses would be to capture fireworks as you catch the motion and multiple fireworks in one shot. So last night I tried it.

Here is on of the examples of the capture you get on the bulb setting of your camera with fireworks. I love how the smoke even looks like it’s glowing!

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