Scary sight

Our adorable loveable cat Oreo, well she has a sort of crazy side to her….Please no excuse I just grabbed the camera for a few quick shots and didn’t check the settings, so this picture is the luck of a lower ISO setting, but I’ve always wanted to take one of those pictures that you could write a saying about or have others come up with crazy sayings for the picture, so here goes. ¬† What would your caption for this image be?? ¬†Best answer and I’ll post it with the saying on FB for all to see.


A Sad Turn of Events

The day began great and the weather was perfect, what could go wrong? I still had to go in to the office, but I had nothing planned for the evening, so I was hoping for a little time outdoors with my husband.

Lunchtime came and I headed out to run an errand and then decided to grab a bite to eat out since I was still on crutches. I was down the road from Sonic and a chocolate milkshake sounded perfect, so off I went for lunch and a shake. Then it was back to work I went, happily sipping on my shake….it was good.

I got work and looked at the time. I needed to head back in so i unfurled myself from the car and began the long hobbling walk in. I had my lunch sack with my shake in my left hand and my purse slung over my right shoulder when I heard a ripping sound. Before I could stop myself I had taken another step and I heard the bag tear. To my dismay the shake went with it and the top popped off spilling chocolate onto the sidewalk.

I had been standing, but I dropped down to the ground and rescued what was left of my shake and called a co-worker to come and rescue me. I’m so glad no one saw me spill or fall! However, watching the liquid chocolate slowly trickle down the sidewalk was a truly sad sight indeed.

Oh what’s a girl to do?! Thankfully there is an Breyers vanilla and almond ice cream bar at home with my name on it! Come on 5 o’clock!

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