Smoky Mountain Birthday weekend, Sevierville, TN

Two weekends ago my husband and I spent time with my parents at a wonderful Bed and Breakfast in Sevierville, Blue Mountain Mist , we went to Dollywood and then out to dinner at The Chop House, and just had a nice weekend away. My family has stayed at this B&B for 3 years now, and love it!  They stayed here almost 3 years ago when Lynn and I got married and have stayed twice since.  This time they gifted us the night’s stay so we didn’t have to drive back to Knoxville after a full day at Dollywood and celebrating a birthday dinner out that night.  It really was a wonderful gift, and for that mom and dad…THANK YOU!

We met a wonderful couple from England who taught us words that have different meanings when they are used in England, like brolley – which is what we call an umbrella.  See if you can figure out this sentence.  ” It’s raining out so I grabbed my slicker and headed to the supermarket for groceries where I put my brolley in the trolley while I shopped!”  – Exit England, welcome back to America.  I love that they call the shopping cart a “trolley”.  I’m going to have to confuse someone at the supermarket when my arms are full, I just have to work on my British accent!  😉

Here are some pictures of the weekend in the Smokies.  This is a picture of “those I hold most dear” at Dollywood, my wonderful husband and my parents who I love so much!

Here is  a great shot of my mom next to one of the cars she used to drive, just image it as a convertible!!

And here are some images of the sunrise in the morning on the porch of the B&B.  Coffee was ready at 6a and that’s when I woke up, so it was a wonderful way to start the day on the wraparound porch.

And here are the birds that came by to visit on the arbor out front…how many birds can you count?

Here is the hummingbird that I captured taking a morning drink.

And later in the day I captured this image of a dragonfly up close.

There is so much more I could share from the weekend, but work calls, and I must get back to the grind.  Thank you to my parents who allowed this sweet weekend to take place, and to bring so many good memories from it!  Here’s one more of both mom and dad from the carosel ride at Dollywood.

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Noelle Bell Photography, All About Eyes!

Last night I was in the middle of a hard edit session, when I decided I would take a break and work on some fun images that I had taken in the 2010, but never really had time to work on.  So getting back the inspiration to some inspirational photography that I love, here are some fun images from the Chattanooga Aquarium back in July.  These two have a nice focus on eyes, just some in other places than on the face!

And here is another from the butterfly garden

Well I hope you enjoyed my stroll down nature lane.  Working on the business is keeping me busy, but it was good to take a break and enjoy the images and get my creative juices going.  Tomorrow night it’s back to business!

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Crane Lake

Friday afternoon I meant to get my photo assignment done, but I needed the sun to do it and it conveniently went behind a large cloud for the 2 hours my friend Lisa, who was modeling for me, and I got together.  Here is one of the amazing captures I was able to get that we happened to stumble across.

Crane Lake

Take Off

Take Off, originally uploaded by Noelle Bell Photography.

This was a great shot I was able to capture this weekend as my husband and I drove around Kingsport. I caught this shot right as the crane was taking off. If you look closely you can see his feet just above the grass. I was facinated by the layers of wings that they have for flight. It is amazing how God created such details in His creation! I am constantly amazed!!

Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror

This shot was taken after I tried to sneak up on a crane…not usually something you can do. And of course I couldn’t. He took off over the lake a number of times, and I was able to capture the beautiful mirrored reflection in the water of him. Because of the large amounts of rain Kingsport had received in the last weeks, the pond was a bit muddy. Other than that, I love this shot!

Random Day

, originally uploaded by Noelle Bell Photography.

I know I’m way behind on my blogging, and since I can’t sleep, I think I’ll catch up. This was a treasure I found when I stopped by the Blount County Library last weekend. He was just sitting in the shade, but as I got closer, he started walking away. I’m not sure what kind of bird he is, so if you know, please comment on the blog so everyone will know!

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