Admiring the Beauty

This past week I found myself waiting in the UT Gardens in Knoxville, TN to meet up with one of my senior model reps, Tiana.  I took advantage of the free minutes to capture a few photographs of the flowers.  One thing that I love is that every time you come here you can see something completely different and new as the seasons change.  Here is a one of the flowers I captured. 

Have a wonderful weekend and may you all find time to get out and capture some memories in this beautiful weather!

Until next time….


Beautiful Surprise, Knoxville Photographer

Came home from Charlotte, NC from a photography workshop, of which I will blog about quite a bit in the coming weeks, and I opened the curtains to look out the back window and this is what I discovered. My beautiful asiatic lilies from last year have come back in bloom. They also have a lot more blooms than they did last year when I bought them, so next year I may even divide them and fill many more pots with them. They add so much color to my back porch here in Knoxville, and I love to sit outside in the early mornings and enjoy the view.

I will have to get out my camera and take some beautiful close up photos of them later, but for now they are something beautiful to look at and enjoy. Does anyone know when you divide up lilies? I need to search the web for how and when you do that.


Have a beautiful day everyone, it’s a beautiful day here in Knoxville, TN. I’m off to work on some senior photos!

Until next time…

Long Engagement

In honor of the wedding of Cade and Jennifer Long, whose wedding was an intimate family gathering in Asheville, NC, but whose wedding reception will be celebrated on this afternoon, Thank you!!  It has been a joy to be a part of your journey and in honor of their becoming husband and wife I wanted to post one of my favorite pictures from the engagement session at the Biltmore Estates in Asheville, NC.   I have the honor and priveledge of photographing their wedding reception and I am looking forward to seeing many faces that I know well and capturing the joy and relationships that have made up who Jennifer and Cade are and will continue to be.

Jennifer and Cade, Grady and I  wish you the happiest of days walking out your new journey of life together as husband and wife!!  May it be a rich journey full of laughter, tears, joy, love and growth and of course more necklaces!  May God’s blessings pour out on you both as you seek Him first and may His glory manifest itself through your relationship.

Chattanooga Aquarium weekend

Last weekend my parents came in town for a visit!  It was a nice long 4 day weekend with them and what fun we had!  Both my mother and my father have birthday’s in July, and the Quilt show in town happened to coincide with the weekend of her birthday so we made it a fun one!  They arrived on Wednesday night in Sevierville to stay at the Blue Mountain Mist Bed and Breakfast that they stayed at when they came for our wedding almost 2 years ago.  They arrived and realized that they had left all of their hanging clothes at home in VA, so mom got to do her absolute favorite thing (NOT!!!) and go shopping for a few new “outfits”.  Luckily they had the Tanger Outlets just a few miles away and they were able to take the back roads to get to it, so it was an easy trip and they found everything on sale and fairly quickly, so mom was happy!

The next day they came to Knoxville and spent the morning at the convention center where the quilt show was going on!  They ran into three people from Lynchburg, VA – where they live – too funny.  They explored the Knoxville Museum of Art and enjoyed all the exhibits.  Dad even found some of the pictures that were in the exhibit in this months Rangefinder magazine.

That night they arrived for dinner and we had a good time catching up.  The next morning we got up early to head to the Chattanooga Aquarium where we had so much fun.  My mom loves to go to Aquariums and today was her birthday, so it was a great way to celebrate.  Here are some of the pictures I captured while there at the aquarium.

These first two were in the first part of the aquarium where the stingrays can be found.

This African Gray Parrot was just finishing up his demonstration.  I caught him looking at me.

I wasn’t tall enough to get a reflection shot, but I like this shot.  You can’t quite tell if he’s asleep or not!

This one came out great!!  Love his eye just staring at me.

Later in the day after lunch and the second building at the aquarium we headed up to Point Park on Lookout Mountain so that Lynn could show it to my dad.  Mom and I stayed out of the heat and let the guys enjoy the history.  It was very hot and humid that day so the view was not very clear, but I did get a few pictures of the birthday girl and the soon to be birthday boy!

Here’s mom pointing out Point Park, in her new outfit which you can’t see mostly!

And here’s dad, a good picture of my father who is proudly sporting his Habitat for Humanity hat!

The rest of the visit was wonderful!  We had watermelon, sweet corn, and Tilapia for dinner and afterwards we walked down to Brusters for dessert!!  What a fun birthday it was!!  So glad it could be so.

We had a relaxing Saturday doing different things and then off to dinner at Lakeside Tavern for dinner (my favorite restaurant!).  Sunday morning they came to Fellowship for church and they loved the sermon.  Mom and Dad are looking forward to being able to listen to the second half of it via the internet this Sunday.

It was such a lovely visit with them both and I can’t wait to do it again!!

Until next time…

Working away!

I have barely had time to process the images that I have shot driving home or on an adventure downtown, and I finally took a few minutes tonight to edit a few of my favorites.  The creators hand in the world is such a beautiful thing, whether it is life in bloom or new life just beginning.  Here are a few images that I have captured.

These beautiful flowers made me smile just to look at them.

Well apparently wordpress is working on something so I can’t upload any more pictures tonight.  I’m headed to bed after this.  I will be watching the Swagger Wagon video one more time, although I am totally a Honda girl!!

Check it out!!

Until next time…

Dogwood Trail Drive

I have lived in Knoxville, TN since October of 2003 and I have yet to drive the Dogwood Trails at the time they are in bloom.  Well, it is still a little early for all of the dogwood trees, at least some of them, and so I was able to get some great shots, but I was also able to get some great pictures of the flowers at the houses along the way!  It was a beautiful afternoon for a drive and after spending the afternoon down at the dogwood arts festival I took the long way home.  Here are some of the treasures I discovered!  If you haven’t driven them, I highly recommend it!

I’ll post more tomorrow or in the coming days.  I really did captures some dogwoods in bloom!


Testing out the Macro

Well today I have with me a lens on loan that I have to return tomorrow afternoon, but I am hoping to get more pictures in before the day gets too far gone tomorrow.  It was the 60mm f/2.8 macro lens.   I am putting up a few of the pictures that I took using the lens, and I’ll have more to post tomorrow I’m sure.  Tomorrow the sun is promised to come out again, and that will make taking the pictures a lot easier to handhold close up.  So here you go!  I hope you like them!

As for this first one, I LOVE these shoes!!  They are feel good shoes that just give a pop of color and spunk to me when I need it!  I didn’t really need it today, but it was fun to wear them anyway.  This was after I had run errands in the rain but came home with lots of great props for a newborn shoot this weekend.

This was another favorite as I love yellow!  It’s such a friendly color and the jewels on it just made this perfect.  Okay so the sun shining and glistening off of the droplets would have been better, but maybe tomorrow!

This is the last one for today that I will post.  It was another tulip, and it is beautiful in it’s colors.  I am going to show you two pictures.  The first is almost straight out of the camera with just a slight bit of contrast added and sharpened, but the second is my favorite.  I used one of the Pioneer Woman’s Actions – Seventies and I love how the colors came out!  Let me know which one you like better.   Here is the link if you want to get them and try them for yourself.

Lunch Wanderings

Okay so today I’d like to tell you a story.  For those of you that don’t know, my full-time job is at Scripps Networks, home of HGTV, Food Network, DIY, FLN, GAC and the Travel Channel.  We have a beautiful campus here in Knoxville, TN and I absolutely love working for such an amazing company.  Recently we added a new building onto our campus and are beginning to move in the employees that have been scattered around West Knoxville for the past few years.  I have worked there for over 5 years now, and just today, on the beautiful day that it was, I decided to take a photo walk on my lunch break and explore the campus.  So of course, wearing my flip flops of all shoes (I won’t be doing that tomorrow) I took off to see what it was that I could see.

First off I headed around the front of our building and encountered a redbud tree!  I had to capture a picture of that since they are actually beginning to fall already!  (What with the 90 degree weather we are having and all)

After that I wandered around to the tulips that were blooming and took an great capture of a yellow tulip at the only time you ever can take a picture of the inside and get no shadow!

After that I decided to go where in 5 years I had never gone before!!  To the other side of the lake!!  🙂  Okay so I’d been around to the other side of the lake, but not as far as today.  We have a little gazebo on the hill on the far side of the lake and I had never trekked to it.  So off I went to see our perfect little getaway spot.

And right outside the gazebo were some tulips that hadn’t quite opened up!  I love this one that I captured and I’m glad I got it then because I’m sure by tomorrow it will be wide open in bloom.

And last but not least, I wanted to show you the view from the gazebo!  Here it is, what is now the “old” building and up there on the second floor is what will be my new home in a few months.  When that happens, I’ll have officially lived on all 3 floors of the “old” building.  Maybe then I’ll try out the new one!  Speaking of, if you look to the reflection on the left side of the building, you will see the reflection of the new building.

Well I hope you enjoyed my tour today and I’m feeling incredibly inspired to do another one tomorrow if the weather is as perfect as it was today!

Have a wonderful day and I’ll see you back here next time around!

Pushing Daisies

Pushing Daisies, originally uploaded by Noelle Bell Photography.

This post was for my mom and dad! I was down at the UT Gardens last week and just now am getting to the edits of those shots. This was by far a favorite!! I had a little fun with the saturation because the colors were so vibrant, and it reminded me of the show my parents love, Pushing Daisies, where every color is so vivid! It was a great visual show, and the inspiration behind this shot.

So mom and dad, this ones’s for you!

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