Wedding Reception at Cherokee Mills

Last year some of our friends got married in a small ceremony in Asheville, NC not far from where we had taken their engagement photos at the Biltmore.  You can take a look at their engagement pictures at my earlier post last year, here.  This post is to show some of the friends that celebrated in Knoxville, TN where they held a reception a few weeks later.  The reception was held at Cherokee Mills, a historic building that has been here since the early 1900’s and is currently undergoing a full restoration and renovation, transforming the property into Knoxville’s premier office campus destination.  Read more about Cherokee Mills!

It was a pleasure to capture many memories of friendships and relationships of Jennifer and Cade as not only is their last name Long, but so is their list of friends!!  Stories were shared by family and friends alike, cake was cut and food was eaten and the entire evening was a reflection of the depth of their relationship with others.  Here are a few of my favorite images from the evening.  There is much to share!!

This took place while Jenn and Cade greeted all of their guests

I loved the elegance of these flutes and their smiles that just radiate joy!

The cake was amazing from what I heard!  It looked delicious from my perspective.

Jenn and Cade heard friends and family share stories of them in their 3 year relationship.  Some of the stories were a hoot!

Friends and Teachers in ESL.  Jennifer you are radiant!  Deanna you certainly don’t look like you just had a little one!

And more good friends.  Ladies you are truly beautiful, inside and out!

And more great friends, Elissa and John Boltik, who’s art is displayed behind the couples.

Well, that’s all for now!  I’ll have more pictures up later this week of a few more friends and pictures from the reception.  Thank you Jenn and Cade for the honor of capturing not only you and the beautiful memories of the evening, but for your blessing and example of a couple who has sought the Lord for so long (no pun intended) and are now beginning a new journey together!  It is a blessing to watch your journey.  May God bless you both richly!

Until next time…


Christmas Party

Tonight was our 2B1 Christmas party.  Fun was had by all and as always, I had my camera there ready to capture images.  It started out with a wonderful meal and then after good times of fellowship over that and the desserts, we moved onto a game of Dirty Santa.  Here are two fun shots I took of some of the lovely ladies that were there.  Need more time to work on the other images, but I really like the effects of the second one.  I like the antique look I was able to achieve on the second photograph! 

More to choose from

And here are more.  I’m just having so much fun trying so many new photoshop techniques!  🙂

Here are a fun few takes on the same pic

Lens Flare

and Watercolor

One More…I can’t resist!!

Promise this is the last!!  Here is the last one, but I applied the Craquelure technique in Photoshop to the final image and I think it came out good!  I love playing around with new tools and discovering how they make an image look.  So here is one more.  For some reason, this image reminds me of what Mary and Joseph might have looked like.

Playful Beauty

Playful Beauty , originally uploaded by Noelle Bell Photography.

A few weeks ago we went out to dinner with our friends Jaclyn and Joshua. We had a wonderful dinner and then walked around World’s Fair Park and enjoyed the music and great conversation. On the way out, we decided to have fun on the new playground next to the water fountains where I captured this great picture of Jaclyn thanks to my new external flash!! She is you so fun to photograph, and has such a pretty smile!

Love filled Sunset

Love filled Sunset, originally uploaded by Noelle Bell Photography.

Now that I have my Photoshop CS4 installed at home, it’s time to catch up on the photo shoots I did last month. Here is one of my favorite silhouette shots of my friends Katie & Davey Lewis. She was just 7 months along at this point, and the cool breeze off the late allowed for her to keep her cool for some amazing sunset shots

Spreading Wings

Spreading Wings, originally uploaded by noelleW.

This was another favorite of the captures that I was able to take using the bulb setting on my camera last night. This exposure was not quite as long as the previous one. There was still a lot going on in this display.

Trees of Beauty

Trees of Beauty, originally uploaded by noelleW.

Last night I went up to West Park Baptist with my friends David and JanaRae to see the fireworks display! We both live in walking distance to it, and the night was beautiful for the show!

I had a photography assignment not too long ago where I was to take pictures on the bulb setting of my camera. It was mentioned in class, that one of the best uses would be to capture fireworks as you catch the motion and multiple fireworks in one shot. So last night I tried it.

Here is on of the examples of the capture you get on the bulb setting of your camera with fireworks. I love how the smoke even looks like it’s glowing!

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