I have the Fever….do you?

It is beautiful outside, the rain has passed, and I can’t wait to have these flowers carpet the ground!!   How beautiful is the green grass after such a cold winter.  I thought everyone else would enjoy a sneak peak of the beautiful colors that will soon color the countryside!  I don’t know about you, but I am soooooooooooooo ready for Spring!  I have the fever….do you? 

Spring Fever!!  🙂


Knoxville, TN Link to Pursuing the Dream

Here is a link to a photography couple in Nashville, TN that I admire and look to for some of my inspiration as well as a little coaching in balancing a career with a solid foundation of faith.  Zach and Jody Gray are blowing the doors off of the wedding photography business and their work is amazing.  I love that they are not only husband and wife working together doing what they love, but they share a strong faith in my Lord which technically makes them my brother and sister in Christ.  I have been given an opportunity to meet with them in the Spring to sit down for a mentoring session with them.  I am VERY excited about the opportunity!!  So many questions, so much to talk about and so little time I’m sure. 

So if you are interested in a reading their amazing article on pursuing your dream, read on here and enjoy! 

Have a wonderful rest of your Tuesday!


2011 Changes to come

Noelle Bell Photography has quite a few changes that will take place in 2011.  I’m excited, nervous and thrilled with so many of the changes.  I can let you in on just a few little details now, but most will be revealed when the change occurs.  Most importantly, my husband will be getting his office back!  Complete with the desk my father built for him, file cabinets, bookcases galore, a recliner and the constant company of some of our cats! 

The changes will happen slowly but small changes have already taken place.  I am anxious to recover the chair that was my grandmothers in a fabric other than pink!  My mom recovered it at one time and has now passed that off as a gift to us.  If anyone in the Knoxville area knows of any good recommendations of a company that recovers furniture, please let me know.  We are also looking to find a good fabric for the chair.  Interior decorators, speak up!! 

Then comes the finding of a good rug!  I need two area rugs.  One will need to be a plush cream colored rug and the other will be a plush rug of a color yet to be determined!  (I have to find the right fabric to recover the chair in first before I can compliment the rug and area with a color choice).  Then on to finding a desk that will serve as my office desk and display and I’m still in the idea stages of what it will look like. (I think I’ll be tuning in to watch a lot of HGTV in the coming weeks) 

Other changes that will be happening is a restructuring of how I do business in 2011.  The first  mentioned was in home client consultations, and the second will be in home client viewing after each session.  For now, that is all I have to share, but stay tuned for new changes in the new year! 

Until next time…

Mt. Calvary Baptist Fire

I received an update from Linked-In and in it I discovered that Mt. Calvary Baptist Church has been destroyed by a fire last night!  Just 5 months ago in July I photographed a wedding there.  The fire is still under investigation as to the cause, but I will be sure to upload a picture that I captured of the outside of the church prior to the wedding.  The church has a beautiful steeple, and the wood interior was beautiful!  Here is a link to one of the beautiful photos I have of Mt. Calvary Baptist

My prayers are with you in the season!!  I am so glad to hear of other churches opening their doors so you can worship.  I do hope that the gym did not get damaged and will provide you a location to meet in temporarily until the next steps are taken to restore or build a new home for your congregation. 

God will supply all your needs in Christ Jesus.   Please let us know how we can help as the body of Christ!


Noelle Bell Photography

For all those out there wondering what the wonderful logo that has been designed looks like, here it is.  I’m not sure that the crimson translated well to web colors, so that may need to be tweaked as this is a tad too red and not a darker crimson to me, but that may be my error as I converted the space to RGB and I know the colors aren’t anywhere near the range that CMYK has to offer.  But, needless to say, here it is!!  I’m excited to get it onto my blog, my website, my Facebook page and I will soon have all of those conversions made, but maybe not until the tweak!  Until then, here it is!!  I’m so happy with it.  Hope you like the simple, elegance of it.  It fits me to a T.  🙂

Fun with an Action

There is an action I have never used in the set of actions from The Pioneer Woman and I love the effect!  This picture makes Tish look just like her mother might have many years ago at her wedding.  Now tell me if you don’t feel like you took a walk back in time!!

Wedding of Tish and Carlos

Two weeks ago I had the privilege of photographing the wedding of Tish and Carlos Younger!  What a fun couple they were.  Nicole Webber was my second shooter and she got some amazing shots as well!  I have a few to share and so many more to process!!  Thank goodness for a day off to work on some of the images.  Here are a few from the day.  More to come.

What lovely ladies that stole the show that day!

Carlos anxiously awaits his bride

The flowers and the gorgeous detail of her dress

Eyes for only each other

Tax and rules

Now that my business is legal and legitimate with a business license and a sales use tax number, I have to really become the business woman that I really never thought I’d be.  I have a meeting scheduled tomorrow with the first of three tax guru’s!  Why you ask, well I want to do things right and I really don’t have a clue where to begin nor do I have the time to work everything out myself.   So like the true professional I strive to be, I am finding a professional in the field of taxes that will be honest, give me good feedback and walk me through this new jungle of the business world.  I am looking forward to finding someone quickly so that I can start getting everything set up!

What is the area of business that you need professional assistance with?

Lost Files Recovered

I’m not sure how it happened, but suddenly I was missing an entire folder of multiple folders of pictures.  I didn’t panic, didn’t empty the trash went to multiple sources and then last week after many missed attempts, I brought my computer in to work and had one of our engineers who works on Mac’s look at it.  Low and behold, he recovered my pictures in less than 3 minutes – oh course!!   I learned something new about finding my folders, and although I have no idea how it happened, all the files are back!!  Today I’m going to purchase my 1TB drive from the Apple store and I can’t wait to get it installed and have a second and third backup system in place. 

So now that my files are back, after the wedding this weekend, I will be able to put up some of my blog posts. 

Until next time…

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