Noelle Bell Photography at Imaging USA, San Antonio, TX

This last week I had a chance to attend Imaging USA in San Antonio, TX.  What a phenomenal experience this time as I not only attended but volunteered at as well.  Not only did I get to attend some great classes, but I had the opportunities to meet some amazing people, get inspired by some amazing photographers, work with some great new friends and I wound up with a great roommate at the Emily Morgan hotel where the view out our window was to look down on the Alamo.  It may look small from the front, but the whole of the Alamo was actually quite large, and from the 11th floor you could definitely see that.

Since I went to Texas to volunteer my hotel was covered, but I did share a room.  I wound up with a great roommate who became a good friend and lives not too far away in NC.  We shared some great laughs, I must say my one liner about the orange jumpsuit takes the cake though (Jessie you remember that one don’t you).  We both had a good idea about where we wanted to go with our business and we were only a few years apart in age.  I couldn’t have asked for a better match.  It was nice to talk shop with another photographer and to compare notes at the end of the day after walking the trade show floor and attending the classes.

Another great thing about the trade show was this year I knew that I had specific vendors that I wanted to meet with.  Last year I went and was completely overwhelmed, but this year I needed to bring direction and purpose to my business and that required much discussion and some amazingly wonderful products that I am looking forward to offering to my clients this year.  Albums, marketing and frames were the main vendors that I sought out and I am happy to report that so many great finds and new products will be coming out of Noelle Bell Photography in 2011!  I am so excited to get some of the samples in for my clients to see.  So stay tuned as the next few months will be a continual process of unveiling here at Noelle Bell Photography!

As for a new direction, yes that will roll out soon enough, but my direction will still continue in the vein of portraits and weddings with some fun stuff on the sides that I will be working on for 2012.  I’ll leave you with a picture from San Antonio, one of the few that I took while not working, attending classes or at the trade show.  So until next time….


Working Weekend

This past weekend I had fun somewhat putting the camera down and working with the women of the Knoxville Habitat Women’s Build  I had the privelege of serving alongside so many various and talented women in the Knoxville area to put up the walls, gables and trusses.  It was a great weekend and besides the sunburn and sore muscles, we are well on our way to building a house!!  Below are some pictures from the work done on Saturday and Sunday.

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